16 April 2013

Label - Do you know RVCA?

Source : RVCA

Do you know RVCA, fellow kitties?

RVCA (ruca) a brand which is all about balance of opposites. The people behind the brand see it as a platform for artists. I would call it a symbiosis between artists, musicians, surfers and skaters and the company. The designing process is described as very free. That is what makes the collections so special.
In the pictures above you get a glimpse of the actual spring collection for women. The atmosphere in the looks totally appeals to me. Imagine a roadtrip through the desert with your best friends and a lot of time. The looks include very summery beachy pieces which is no wonder considering RVCA is based in the skateboarding and surfing community just as their owner Billabong.
But not only the support of artists which makes it seem a big supportive family, also the social accountability is a big plus. They follow the SA8000 which is a standard for improving working conditions for example banning child labour, health care for the workers and a bunch of what should be an international standard but is far away from reality. They're not what I would call "fair trade" already but on their way to get there and this ist more than what's common.

As I looked through the online shop I fell in love with some special pieces I want to show you below. Unfortunately they don't ship internationally! Do you know that disappointment when you fall for a collection so deeply that you want to be wearing it the whole season and then discover "international shipping excluded"?! The only retailer I found shipping to Germany is Impericon but I'll search for more and update you cats if I find my love, the twisted cutout dress in the middle of the first sets below. Otherwise there will have to be a DIY.

What do you think? Love the stuff? Or too casual for my high fashion kitties?
Let me know

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rvca faves II

rvca faves I

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