18 November 2015

Do they know it's (almost) Christmas Time...

Wishlist II

Hi Cats,

today I want to share with you my wishlist for Christmas. This is real, you guys. I made this as a reminder for myself, not to publish it on here. In fact, I didn't even plan on posting anything on here anymore. Oh well, there you go. 

1 Phone Cases
I searched for the longest time for ONE that I liked and wound   up finding three. Although the one with the goggly eyes is       nothing I would really be comfortable using in public.         Unfortunately my preferred and most chic one (seethrough garden-y) from etsy sold out which leaves only Meow-nt Rushmore from Modcloth <3 I will find another clear one someday, I guess...

2 Filofax Patent Organizer + Planner Stickers
I have been wanting a bigger Planner for a while now and the vintage-y Patent style by Filofax just seems like the most classic to me. 

3 Naked Palette Flushed
Since Contouring is the new black to me and I had the most delighting experience with a sweet sales girl at the Urban Decay counter I fell in love with their Contour/Highlighting Kit. It makes me look like I fell into a pot of shimmery goodness in the best way possible.

4 Nutrition Stuff
To get into better shape and help my overall health I want to try these supplements. These are picked for me individually. If you, dear reader, want to try something please look up what could work for you. And please research carefully what you try and where to get it from.

08 Dezember 2014

Cozy Times

Cozy Times

Vegan Christmas Market - Haul

Here I am again. I know, I have been on and off (mostly off) and that might annoy some, but I am really glad I am back now. 

Last weekend I visited the vegan christmas market and it quite met my expectations. Since the vegan community is not overly huge in Hamburg I didn't expect too much. They had some nice people with their cool products there like Hydrophil from whom I bought some soap and a plastic-free thoothbrush which I am really happy about, because I have been searching for one for quite some time now.
The market was next to Veganz (a vegan supermarket) where I bought The Beardwash Soap by Brooklyn Soap Company which will be given to my boyfriend for christmas. It smells amazing and if someone is interested I can let you know if he likes it after some testing.

That's it for now, I wish you all a very nice advent season

05 August 2014

Matt&Nat Vintage Collection

Matt&Nat Vintage Collection

Die "Vintage" Kollektion des veganen Taschen- und Accessoire-Labels Matt&Nat ist eine wunderbar gelungene Mischung aus 50's bis 70's inspirierten Silhouetten und der geradezu minimalistischen Eleganz, die das Label auszeichnet. Die oben gezeigten Modelle und viele mehr gibt es neben schwarz und grau ("elephant") in Chutney, einem wunderbaren rötlichen Braun, das für mich defninitiv an einen 70er-Shopper gehört und in Kale, einem satten gelbgrün. Generell liebe ich Matt&Nat für ihre Zeitlosigkeit, die sie so spielend mit Praktikabilität verbinden. Das schaffen wenige Designer*innen so unverkrampft und zeitgemäß. 
Seit meinem Geburtstag befindet sich auch in meiner Taschensammlung ein solch wunderbares Stück (GIL) und ich freue mich bei jeder Benutzung wieder über ihr Design und besonders über die Qualität des Kunstleders. Ich hatte schon fast die Hoffnung aufgegeben als Veganerin je wieder so stabiles, festes, dickes Material zu finden.  Vielleicht zeige ich euch bald meine liebste GIL einmal genauer, wenn ihr mögt.

Bis dahin

eure Katze