08 Dezember 2014

Cozy Times

Cozy Times

Vegan Christmas Market - Haul

Here I am again. I know, I have been on and off (mostly off) and that might annoy some, but I am really glad I am back now. 

Last weekend I visited the vegan christmas market and it quite met my expectations. Since the vegan community is not overly huge in Hamburg I didn't expect too much. They had some nice people with their cool products there like Hydrophil from whom I bought some soap and a plastic-free thoothbrush which I am really happy about, because I have been searching for one for quite some time now.
The market was next to Veganz (a vegan supermarket) where I bought The Beardwash Soap by Brooklyn Soap Company which will be given to my boyfriend for christmas. It smells amazing and if someone is interested I can let you know if he likes it after some testing.

That's it for now, I wish you all a very nice advent season