21 März 2013

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish

Hello Beauties!

As I might have mentioned I am a huge fan of the HBO show "Girls" which is written and directed by starring Lena Dunham. I just watched the second seasons finale (as my Twitter followers can tell) and if I wasn't already so much in love with it I guess I would fall now. Whatsoever, I don't want to spoiler or annoy you people.


In my desire to express my fangirlhood I searched for "Girls"-related stuff and I found nail laquer by Deborah Lippmann. It's a set of four bottles of which every one is inspired by one of the four main characters and named after them.
I have always liked to transform movie or book charakters in beautiful objects that I could use everyday.

Since you know I am vegan and don't wear make up tested on animals, I was concerned about that but Joanne from the beauty blog Vegan Claws requested the company directly asking for that and I would say it is certain that they are cruelty free.

My only problem left: Where do I get these? The only shop I found which delivers to Germany is this one on ebay. It's a little pricier but I guess still okay for four full size nail laquers.
How do you like them?

Love, Cat

Deborah Lippmann Girls HBO


  1. Wunderbar, wirklich sehr interessant hier auf deiner Seite ;>

    Allerliebste Grüße,

    1. Dankeschön :) Das freut mich aber! Liebste Grüße


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