14 März 2013

Strange Lady

Oh hey beauties!

Today I tried to take the pictures of me myself. This time without a dirty mirror but the auto timer of my cam. Not the best but I'm working on it. 

I were asked to show the outfit I threw together in this post on myself. So here we go, I hope you like what you see. 
I decided to add my new leo purse and I totally love how it makes the simple black outfit with the red hat look like I was that strange elder lady living next door.
Nearly every piece in that look is thrifted. The only exception is the skirt which you now have seen a thousand times and my beloved naillaquer "Tease-y does it" by OPI. I really love that colour and I totally want to find an animal friendly dupe. So if you know one, name it!
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  1. Schönes Outfit :)
    Und ich hab die selbe Weinkiste, die sind echt cool :)
    xx Mona

  2. Das Outfit gefällt mir super, du hast einen tollen Stil. Aber die Umgebung auf dem ersten Foto ist nicht sehr gut gewählt. Ich hoffe, du bist offen für konstuktive Kritik. lg


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